The day I got bitten by a dog started off as any regular day that week. I had been on holiday at my Big Mummy's house, where I spent most of my weekends during the majority of my childhood. This house was my sanctuary, and housed many of my most treasured memories. It was in … Continue reading Collie.



I found home in the broken frame of an elevated wooden house. A house drenched by rain, but none the less seething with petrichor: The sweet smell of moist soil and marshed vegetation that lingered within the crisp evening air and greeted my sense of smell with the firm grip of its intensity.   It was … Continue reading Home.


Egunughan, 2nd June 2005. The two men walked in to the sight of her dead body on the floor. There was a little pool of blood around where her right wrist was laid, and a jagged cut reared its ugly surface from the soft skin of her tender wrists. Mukia had killed herself. The first … Continue reading Oyé

Treasures from the past: 15 fab quotes from classic literature.

Hiya!!! It's me again, and this time I'm sharing 15 of my favourite quotes from ancient and not-so-ancient literature. This post was scheduled for earlier this week, but WordPress did not let me be great all week and so I could not post it! Thankfully, I’ve sorted the issue and the post is live better late … Continue reading Treasures from the past: 15 fab quotes from classic literature.