One Sunday evening, my husband and I sat in the comfort of our balcony, hearts beating in unison to the tune of the evening breeze. It was a calm evening, and we basked in the orchestrated symphony of sounds around us; the occasional rustle of pawpaw leaves from our neighbour’s back garden, the crackling sound... Continue Reading →


‘Dear senior Tracy’: a letter to my 15-year-old self.

Senior Tracy, Do you have a moment please? I would like ten minutes of your time, if you do not mind. I understand that you are currently preparing for your regional debate finals, and so I will be brief. You leave for Warri in five days, so you have enough time to prepare. You do... Continue Reading →

Life Lately

Hello my love, I know what you are thinking. I know you think I do not know what you are thinking. I know that I did not leave a goodbye love note, or hug you long enough when you last visited my space. Here we are again, trying to fill the awkward silence with pleasantries... Continue Reading →


Uloma stood by the sink in her kitchen, staring intently at the plate before her. Ten minutes earlier, that plate had housed several slender pieces of okra, the same shade of green as the second-hand blouse she got from Mile 3 market the day before. When she washed the okra, she did not feel the tiny... Continue Reading →

There are no strangers in Abua

  “Azuanima, the kind of fear wey I feel for una that day no be small one oh”. Mama (my grandmother) said this to me on a cold evening in December, while sharpening the blade of her hoe. My siblings and I had visited her from Port Harcourt and we –alongside some of our friends... Continue Reading →

The birth of my written expressions.

HOLAAA, I hope you're having a great day so far! I'm currently sitting in front of a pile of past papers waiting to be graded, in preparation for my exams on Friday. Let's just say, I'm currently thinking in blood components and gene therapy. Sigh. Howeverrrrr,  let's talk about writing. In today's voice note, I'm... Continue Reading →

The river within

Silence seals my mouth, the passage way through which that which I feel is released to the ears and minds of those to whom I speak. And now my insides bulge and pulsate alternatively, with words muddled up such that they are an incoherent blend of thoughts and feelings. And with each passing day, the river... Continue Reading →

Even the holy ones are mad.

When we knelt down together in prayer that Sunday afternoon, I felt his hand slip out from within my grip. There we were, a father and his daughter crouched on all fours – a return to our infantile position, in the hope that we may approach our heavenly father as innocent children. The first gust... Continue Reading →

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