Life Lately

Hello my love,

I know what you are thinking. I know you think I do not know what you are thinking. I know that I did not leave a goodbye love note, or hug you long enough when you last visited my space. Here we are again, trying to fill the awkward silence with pleasantries and muffled words, intentionally preventing our eyes from meeting.

How have you been? I have missed your presence on here, usually spurred by my literary calls- my prose and poetry. I cannot blame you for not returning calls that were never made in the first place. The network connection has been poor this past month, and I hope you have not deleted me from your contact list just yet. I would say “I can explain”, but sometimes, doing the right thing is enough explanation in itself. I am recycling my roses and chocolates from before , my love. Come closer and have a seat at this table… let us have a drink or two. Oh, you do not drink? Not a problem. We will have ready salted words for dinner. You are not hungry? Come on. My grandmother says it is impolite to refuse hospitality. She is right about a lot of things.

Is this your first time on here? Are you new to this love? Sit back, please, and listen to the conversation . Here – a  welcome kiss for you. Let me tell you about life lately.

The last month has been a blur. I wake up and can’t figure out what day of the week it is. Sleep has warmly tucked itself away, and so I am left uncovered in cold insomnia. I think of you all the time, because emails keep appearing on my screen, reminding me that you are reading my content, even in my absence. ” XXX commented on your blog post”. To be honest, you are too kind.

You see, your importance to me cannot be overly emphasised. I do not take you for granted. This past month, I have been deeply involved with other things that I am sure you will be proud of. I have been reading… silently, at night and in the comfort of my most trusted blanket. I have also read out loud to those who cared to listen, vocally pushing forward my own words to the ears of others, that they may become as natural as the sound of ones heart.

I have been doing things which I love as much as you, only because I have not a choice. I have been studying, and sometimes in the middle of my study, I have tiptoed around here to adjust your blankets as you slept, the memory of me no longer at the top of your mind. I have been writing letters to and for you, and stowing them away in my personal stash. Life has been quiet lately. It has been transitory. I have been at peace lately, and the fear of losing this peace has led me far away from you. You have my sincere apologies. Life has been comforting lately. Life has been loving lately. Life has reminded me that maybe I should not have wished to leave my teens too soon. Some days have been bland, and others seasoned lovingly with the voices of my favourite human(s).

England is so hot at the moment, and for a split second one Sunday afternoon, I thought I had journeyed back to Port Harcourt. The humidity is crazy. However, your girl is glowing.

I know I have missed four consecutive Wednesday visits, and here I am, showing up unannounced on a Monday night. Is there a space I can rest my head? The days will be the same for the foreseeable future. I will write to you at my earliest convenience. Or, do you just want empty words from me? I have known you to love quality. I appreciate you.

Don’t go away, please. Stay.

I will visit you with more prose, and poetry. Tales of people who are real to the world, and those who are only real to me.

Tell me, what have I missed? Are you okay? Write back to me below, please.

Love ,


10 thoughts on “Life Lately

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  1. 🤗❤️❤️❤️ Let’s have that drink, and I will take the food too. I hope you do not mind that I am greedy when it comes to accepting hospitality— one that is without ulterior motives. Do not mind about the heat, don’t they say that two Male warm when it rains? Maybe two of us can make cold when it shines.

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  2. Well someday I hope we get to have those drinks around the table and share laughter, I have missed your work and even more soon. As for the heat, trust me at the moment the weather in Port-harcourt is bipolar, one minute it’s so hot next minute I am convinced it has got to be winter.
    It is always good to take time away from the traffic and breath, doing things you love and enjoying solitude, never be sorry for enjoying Me time.
    Can’t wait to clap and scream so loud when you win the Pulitzer 😀.
    With love,
    You know who😘😁😍😀


    1. My darling!

      Thank you for your constant support and very kind words. Always a pleasure having you around here, and I do look forward to that seat at the table.


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