The birth of my written expressions.

HOLAAA, I hope you're having a great day so far! I'm currently sitting in front of a pile of past papers waiting to be graded, in preparation for my exams on Friday. Let's just say, I'm currently thinking in blood components and gene therapy. Sigh. Howeverrrrr,  let's talk about writing. In today's voice note, I'm... Continue Reading →

Dear Daughters

Transcript: Dear Daughters, there are a lot of things they will have you believe. They will have you believe that suffering in silence is strength , and that putting up a mask of resilience is better than genuine tears. They will have you believe that you have failed yourself by being vulnerable, that you must... Continue Reading →


The first voice note is live on the blog!! *Insert Confetti* Journey is a poem which I wrote this month. It tells the story of childhood lovers and how they walk down a metaphorical path, reliving the memories of their romantic bliss. It also captures the very essence of their relationship and climaxes with how... Continue Reading →

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